"Chief" John Tortes Meyer, Continued

"Chief" John Tortes Meyer, Continued

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John Meyers

Courtesy of Shanna Meyers

Meyers still holds the major league record for most assists (12) in a six-game World Series in 1911. His overall batting average was .291, he earned three “Iron Man” titles, and was placed on Albert Spaulding’s Grand National All-American Baseball Team. He was traded to Brooklyn in 1916 and promptly wound up behind the plate in a fourth World Series catching for the Dodgers. His career ended when the United States entered World War I and Meyers joined the Marine Corps.

Until his death in 1971, Meyers often attended games in Los Angeles as a guest of the Dodgers and the Angels. He even made occasional road trips with the Dodgers at the invitation of owner Walter O’Malley. During his career, John Tortes Meyers embraced his Indian identity while operating mostly in a dominantly non-Indian society. He traveled to Washington, D.C. to negotiate for the establishment of the Santa Rosa Reservation. At a time when Native Americans were treated like second class citizens, the addition of John Tortes Meyers and Charles Albert Bender to the elite group of players on baseball cards is a testament to their success. In 1972 Meyers was inducted into the American Indian Sports Hall of Fame at Haskell Indian Nations University in Kansas.