Creation Stories

Lucille Hooper and the Desert Cahuilla
Anthropologist Lucille Hooper wrote The Cahuilla Indians in 1918 after living with Desert Cahuilla for six months. Her short, but seminal work reccounts aspects of Cahuilla social life, ceremonies, and the creation story.

Alejo_Patencio_and_William_Duncan_Strong Alejo Patencio and William Duncan Strong
Alejo Patencio collaborated with anthropologist William Duncan Strong, author of Aboriginal Society in Southern California, in the 1920s. The boundaries of kauisik traditional territories and the creation story of the Pass Cahuilla people are among the oral traditions preserved as a result of Alejo imparting his traditional knowledge.
Lucille_Hooper_and_the_Desert_CahuillaFrancisco Patencio and Margaret Boynton
The book Stories & Legends of the Palm Springs Indians by Agua Caliente elder and ceremonial and clan leader Francisco Patencio was published in 1943. Concerned that Cahuilla people were no longer learning sacred songs, ceremonies, or even the Cahuilla language, Patencio worked with ethnographers to help preserve such knowledge.