Primary Sources & Further Reading

Primary Sources & Further Reading

We suggest the following source materials for further research on conservation techniques and materials.

Cahuilla Sandals

Bean, Lowell and Katherine S. Saubel. 1972. Temalpakh: Cahuilla Indian Knowledge and Usage of Plants. Malki Museum Press, Morongo Indian Reservation

Haida or Tlingit Basket

Busby, S. 2003. Spruce Root Basketry of the Haida and Tlingit. Seattle: Marquand Books, Inc.

Kumeyaay Basketry Start

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Makah Basket

Glinnsman, Dawn. 2005. "Baskets of the Plateau, Northwest Coast, Subarctic, and Arctic." By Native Hands: Woven Treasures from the Lauren Rogers Museum of Art. Jill R. Chancey, ed. Seattle: University of Washington Press

Washoe Basket

Cohodas, Marvin. 1986. "Washoe Innovators and Their Patrons." The Arts of the North American Indian: Native Traditions in Evolution. Edwin L. Wade, ed. New York: Hudson Hills Press