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The Role of Collaboration in Art Conservation

A UV image of possible berry stains on the exterior of the basket

How was this basket used?

Information gained while collaborating with specialists about an artwork or artifact may help determine how the basket was used.  The collaboration may also influence conservation treatment.  While conferring with Teri Rofkar, a Tlingit basket weaver from Sitka, Alaska, possible berry stains on the exterior were discovered.  This discovery led to an educated guess that the object was probably used as a berry basket.  The raised start, or bulge, at the bottom of the basket may occur during construction due to either haste or lack of skill.  Traditionally, the berry basket would be humidified and the raised start pushed in to create a flat base.  Teri requested that this step be completed during conservation treatment out of respect for the basket.


– Lily Doan

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