Attempt to Create Light

Attempt to Create Light

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Mukat said he was the first to hear the song, but Tamaioit declared that he was. They argued about this, because the first one to hear it would be considered the older, and each desired this honor.

As they lay there, they seemed to be old enough to think. Mukat suggested that they make light that they might see. Tamaioit said, “You think you are the older, now carry out your ideas.” So they began creating things. Mukat reached into his mouth and took from his heart: (1) a cricket, Shilim shilim; (2) Papavonot, another insect; (3) a black and white lizard, Takmeyatineyawet; (4) a person, Whatwhatwet.

Mukat and Tamaioit decided to turn all these new creatures loose and let them drive away the darkness. Since Mukat had made them, they had almost as much power as he. Lizard tried to swallow the darkness but was not successful. Finally, all of them together managed to drive east part of the darkness and then there was a little light. But when they returned to Mukat and Tamaioit, the darkness they had driven away rushed back and they could not drive it away again.

Mukat and Tamaioit then said they should have something to smoke to remove the darkness, just as medicine men smoke now to remove disease.