A Cahuilla basket
Gallery Cart wth 3 pots
A Cahuilla Pottery

Upcoming Events

Drop-In Experiences

Join us for hands-on learning experiences throughout the museum.
Included with museum admission.

Tuesday, February 13, 1-4pm
Educator on the Floor - Baskets
Visit the gallery cart for an up-close look at baskets!

Tuesday, February 29, 11am-2pm
Educator on the Floor - Ollas
Visit the gallery cart to see and learn about ollas, or clay vessels!

Saturday, March 9, 11am-2pm
Classroom Activity - Coloring in Cahuilla
Enjoy coloring sheets that help you learn Cahuilla words!

Friday, March 22, 1-4pm
Activity Table - Gallery Worksheets
Explore the galleries to complete activity worksheets!

Friday, March 29, 11am-2pm
Activity Table - Kids Activity Book
Try out the Activity Book and get a coloring sheet to take home!

Saturday, April 6, 1-4pm
Educator on the Floor - Plants
Learn about plants through observation and a matching activity!

Wednesday, April 10, 11am-2pm
Classroom Activity - Watercolor Painting
Create watercolor projects and learn Cahuilla words for colors!


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